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The life and works of Dalí.

Original title: The life and works of Dalí.

Title of this edition: The life and works of Dalí.

Author: Nathaniel Harris.

Gender: Art.

Saga: —

Editorial: Parragon.

Edition year: 1, 1994.

Prizes: …

Personal Review:  To be honest… it has more paintings review than personal life… but it is true that some comments to his life are made during the paintings review, and I think the personal details shown in this way are enough to keep the interest and don’t get bored.

From time to time I like reading about painting. I don’t have a favourite style, but I prefer when the paints have to be explained because then reading is like making a new discovery. With Dalí I discovered that he likes to repeat themes between paints and inside the same paint. For instance, his “face” appears in many paints, or there is paints where you can see that resemble each other all the time.

The paint I like the most from this book is this one.


It is called Spain and was painted in 1938. The most notorious thing from this paint is that despite there is no painted woman, we can see one formed by the things in the paint.

I’m not an art specialist, so I cannot say too much about style or meaning, but I can say that when one sees these kind of “hidden” messages you certainly amaze yourself. Reading about them, and trying to understand the logic of the painter is something I have always enjoyed and I think it helps understanding much better the complexity within the world.

Lego Hobbit in 72 s

Now that the last film of the Hobbit is getting close… I think is a good moment for this. Thanks to the BrotherhoodWorkshop.

Cheer up with Screen Team

Something to cheer up your week! Thanks to Screen Team!



By Joshua Christenson


Thanks to the blog From Quarks to Quasars, I found a very nice youtube channel called Veritasium.


It has many good scientific videos like these ones.

The next 2 are the best videos I have seen about transistors.






Did you like it?

Ok ok, here is a “cool” one more.


Today M.E. (Mysterious Explorer) send to me this.

RetroAhoy: Half-Life

Because I definitely grow up with Half-Life. Because I can’t remember how many times I played the original game. Because I can’t count  the hours expend building maps… playing around… And because I bought the original collector edition with t-shirt (yes, back in the 90’s) and because I gave it to my girlfriend… the t-shirt I mean. This video has to be here.


Enemy mine.

Original title: Enemy mine.

Title of this edition: Enemy mine.

Author: Barry B. Longyear and David Gerrold

Gender: Fantasy / Science Ficction.

Saga: Enemy mine.

Editorial: Charter Books.

Edition year: 1, 1985.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: There is war between Humans and Dracs about respective borders. One human, Davidge and one Drac, Jeriba Shigan, both soldiers, are stuck marooned in a desert planet. Their only way of surviving is forgetting about the war, becoming friends and learning from each other. Since the Drac only have one sex, one individual can gave birth at any moment… and that is what happens to Jeriba Shigan before he dies. Davidge, alone in the planet with a young Drac has to survive and pass his knowledge to the Drac. Most important, if they manage to scape from the planet, he is in charge of going to the high council in Draco planet and present the young Drac. Doing this is the only way of the young Drac to become a citizen, otherwise he will be put aside.

Eventually the war ends, Davidge is rescued and the Drac gets enslaved and later sent to Draco as a mental ill Drac. When Davidge manages to go back to Draco, he has to overcome the Drac society which stands on honour codes to be able to rescue the Drac and present him as a citizen.

Personal Review:  This novel is famous for the film adaptation “Enemy mine” with Dennis Quaid as main character. But is the first novel of a series written by Barry B. Longyear. Before getting into the book, let’s compare it with the movie and let’s start saying that I watch the film years back and I kind of like it. It’s not as funny as The last Starfighter or Explorers but it was better than non science fiction movies.

After reading the book I found that the film changed completely the end of the book, to have action in the movie. While in the book is a series of legal discussions at Draco, in the movie is a fight against the people that have enslaved the young Drac. Why they decide to do that? Because there is no way this book can be turned into a science fiction/action movie. The book is about self discovery, about learning from other people and understand their point of view, and the way it does it is into forcing two enemies to cooperate. There have been many movies about similar topic, but they focus things in different way. I would say the problem is they try to make it into funny action science fiction movies like most of the science fiction of the 80’s and this plot needs to be treated seriously.

The whole argument spins around the Talman book of the Drac and his prophet Shizumaat… and Mickey Mouse from earth. The Talman is a very important book that every Drac has to carry and from all philosophy comes from… Mickey Mouse is the answer from Davidge to what is the profphct from earth. Personally I think it’s not possible for a galactic civilization to stick to one single phylosophy, there must be different cultures inside of it, so they book for me it’s a little bit artificial. But despite of that, I would say that having the book is a good starting point because it helps the story. It helps the Drac to become a teacher for the human, it helps the human to have something to do, and it helps the end of the story because it allows the human to have a way of earning money (by translating the book) to get to the Draco planet.

The part I like the most from the book is that the Drac language has to be singed, so the same word has different meaning depending on your pronunciation. I don’t know if that feature is used by any human language, but I would say it is something that can be, so it’s a good point for the book.

Now, my critic. Despite the book is well written and easy to read, it is not good. There is no science fiction, just to different characters stranded somewhere, with the interesting point that one of them gives birth. My point here is that the whole story can be completely told as human beings in a desert island and you will not loose anything from the original story…. so the science fiction is not necessary here. It’s part of the background, but not necessary. That is why I don’t like the book. As a story it is good, as science fiction is bad.



By Mr. Attacki


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