100 JavaScript games

A couples of days ago I discovered an old game called Hnefatafl. It is a variant of the “Tafl” board games bellowing to the ancient Germanic and Celtic tradition. It similar in some aspects to chess, but with different elements.

Basically, one player plays with the king and defenders in the middle and the other player plays with the attackers on the sides. Pieces move in any direction, and if you put 2 pieces on both sides of another piece, you kill it. The game ends if you kill the king or if the king reaches one of the corners and there is a free path to one of the adjacent corners.

Sound easy… but how easy it is? Because it was a forgotten game for many years (maybe centuries), there is not many sets around. Here is where internet comes to help and why I call the post 100 JavaScript games.

I found a wepage where you can play online Hnefatafl, against another human in the same computer, or against a computer. (Or you can see how 2 computers play). You can play it here.


It is more difficult than it seems.

Also in the same webpage is possible to find some classic games like…


parking loot

And also some more clasic like checkers or tic tac toe, and other I never heard about.

But the most impressive game is this version of Tetris that uses autostereograms (you have to cross your eyes or focus behind the image to see the shapes of the Tetris figures). You can play it here.

(Click in the image to enlarge, otherwise, if it is not in its original size it will look weird).

autoestereogramI wasn’t able to see these kind of images before, but for some reason, it is easy when the figures are moving. Now I’m able to see them!


I like the idea but I don’t like that they make it for Xbox, and also I don’t find useful the parent mode. Parents should be with the kids and teach them what is good and what bad, not limit them with a switch. Anyway, it is up to the parents.

Welcome to Xbox One super battery.

By the way, they don’t say it, but it is obvious that they use a super capacitor instead of a battery. I would say that it is not the kind of thing you will give to very young kids, it is dangerous if you open it and play with it.

Top 10 memes

At the moment I’m reading the part of the “Selfish gene” where Richard Dawkins speaks about memes as the new replicators, so this is quite convenient. Say hello to Top10Memes


I really enjoy the Portal one

but what really surprised me is the one about Futurama (I love the series).

Something to improve your background on comics…

I don’t put too much about The Simpsons in this blog, but they had an incredible impact in our world, so they deserve to be here.

Hey! it will not be complete without Zelda

and of course Dragon Ball








But always, and over everything…. Lego


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