By Daniel Brilliant

I ussually prefer real models instead of this ones, but this is a model of a cool ship. Actually, so cool that I had to check for it.

The first thing I found is that this ship is not well know outside war fans, so no wikipedia article. But I have learned that subfix Maru is very common in Japan for the ships. (So… that makes sense in Star Trek mitic Kobayashi Maru O_O Nice).

And inside War Fans? Inside War Fans is actually a well know ship. It is in a Total War game! Look.

Very nice battle… is there some more accurate info about it?

Yes! It took me some time, but I manage to get a copy of this book.


And inside we can found the reference to the Nihon Maru.


The Turtle Ship.


And also the battle.

So the Nihon Maru really existed. And was ussed in combat by the Japaneses Shogun when trying to conquer Korea. But despite the magnificence of this Fortress-Ship, It was defeated by Korea Turtle Ship. The reason? Turtle ship had cannons and Nihon Maru not. Nihon Maru was designed to intimidate and board ships, not for manouver and long range battles.


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