CubeeCraft [=]

This week there is no Neko Time… but I have been working hard to bring you something funny. Want to know what?

In short, cubecraft is a repository of papercraft figures. But in long is a new geek idea. Cubeecraft takes all the characters from the geek universe and turn them into a easy crafting figures.

And you know what? They are terrible addictive! I downloaded the Spock figure and… and couldn’t stop there. Once you make the first one and see how cool they are and how easy to build you can’t stop making one and another.

The Mantra of Cubeecraft is one cube a day. And they have quite a lot. Look at this and try to resists.


But the best thing of Cubeecraft is that they go further to the most geek icons. Do you remember the Pinces Bride?

Westley: Hear this now: I will always come for you.
Buttercup: But how can you be sure?
Westley: This is true love – you think this happens every day?

Look at the Princes Bride Set.


And Cubeecraft is always growing. Look what they have invented now, it’s called Pixel Pages and is going to be a whole diorama to build up.


Imagine those as bookshelf ends.


And now review other webs from the papercraft community.

Create a Cubeecraft yourself at Foldable Me.


Boxpunx series at Hardlandcore. Enjoy the joke!

The next one… Really, He made my day.  Paperfoldables.


I have to admit that the models of the next one are ugly, but they still have something… Trogdoriangrey.


This is for obscure and horror loving people. HorrorWood.


Oh, I almost forgot, another classic (maybe will be a remake soon). Make your own Evil Dead by Oh-Sheet.


I have something to say about next one… I’m very bad creating characters… really very bad. The next one is Paper Critters and they have an online editor to customize your own Cubeecraft.


What can I say about this webpage dedicated to robots when they have a transformer Optimus Prime on their front page… PaperRobots!


And now time for something that is fashion these days. By Tobby… Grumpy cat.


The last site is the more EPIC of all. From creator Shunichi Makino enjoy Sci-Fi models.

And now… what I’ve been doing this week. Look at the most epic diorama ever! (And adore it).

2013-01-26 17.12.24

2013-01-26 17.13.33

Is not random putting together Spock and Wheatley.

2013-01-26 17.13.47

Want more? Do this one! The Little Prince.

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