Neko Time!!! =^_^= Natural History Museum

In the last 4 weeks i have been two times in the Natural History Museum at London. I haven’t seen it completely. It is massive!!


Here is the map with the exhibitions I have been. I still didn’t explore the orange part (interaction with living creatures), and some of the green and blue exhibitions. Specially the ecology and images of nature.


The first time we entered by the red zone, which belongs to the geological exhibitions. The setup at the entrance is impressive.


The basic idea is that you go into the interior of the earth to discover the secrets buried inside. I must say… ok, the hall is impressive, a very good setup, but the rest of it is a little bit dull. I know that they are rocks and it’s a little bit difficult to make rocks funny, but…

I really have the impression that the designers of the exhibitions are completely wrong in this museum. They have good materials and plenty of space, but immediately you realize that there is parts with lots of light and parts (usually the things being exhibited which is the great mistake), completely dark. Look at this beautiful stone almost in complete darkness.


Ok ok, I admit it, this time the darkness effect is dramatic and beautiful, but this is after moving around several times to catch the few available light rays!!

But we manage to survive the rocks… and saw part of the evolution, or at least geological evolution with some fossils. I like too much the early sea creatures.

Basically, Zoidberg from Futurama series was there.


I have to recognize that one thing in the exhibition amazed me. It was this bird head. It was bigger than a horse, and it was carnivorous! It is called the “terror birds” (Phorusrhacidae), because of his big hocked beak.


Apart from the rocks, we manage to visit the birds and fossil fish exhibitions. I have to say that the fossil fish collection they have is quite good. Unfortunately, a fossil is not very funny to show on itself, they need to add some reconstructions in the future to make it more funny. For instance, the mammals exhibition is one of the most beautiful ones because it has reconstructions of animals. And some of then look very real.


But the sea life has the biggest exposition of all. I’m true small sea cow?


Of course I am! They have a real size blue whale! Look at the size of the elephant compared to the whale.


And those poor animals are almost extinct!! In nowadays there is not too much news about them, but they are still in danger and each day the threat is worst. Every one can do something (not specifically for the whales). Can you just reuse bags? Can you turn off lights and equipment when not using it? A TV in stand-by still consumes electricity and that is contamination. Imagine that contamination when into your house. Per 24 hours of stand-by TV you get a bag full of trash into your living room… that will be nasty isn’t it? Next time turn off things. Everyone can contribute and there is not small things everything is important.

And after that inspirational speech. Become museum volunteer or apply to contribute with your time to the museum! They have this volunteering program with many different options so everyone that wants to participate will find a way of helping.

And now about the second visit.

The second time, we arrive with some friends and started directly from the Dinosaurs exibition.


Thanks Tai–Chi for taking this picture with us in the middle and converting it into a panorama view (just click on it to go to the 3D panorama interactive view).


Amazing! Did you check the other panoramas he has? (I appear twice in one of them… a small trick…).

Going back to the dinosaurs. I think that the exhibition is overestimated. I didn’t think it was particularly good. Maybe because I have been in other dinosaurs museums… But I saw many posters and few skeletons or reconstructions. This is one of the two nest reconstructions.


It’s a little bit dull because there is no adult to compare, so we don’t know what the final size is.

Or for instance, the T Rex chamber….


It leads to a bad (not to scale) robot that only moves a little bit the head…. in almost complete darkness so we couldn’t see how bad it is. C’mon.


But I must say that not all the robots where bad. Actually the Velociraptors where very nice.


And the rest of the exhibition was not so bad.

One of the best things of the museum is the extra information they offer. For instance, the Dino Directory is something extraordinary.


In this massive database you can explore dinosaurs by name, shape or country. And it provides some facts and data about the dinosaur you select.


That is nice, but… the most funny of all is the Dino Timeline which shows the different dinosaurs living in each period.


I like dinosaurs, you notice?

Here finish this expedition…. well to make it more real, just one last stop… the gift shop.

They have at least 3 gift shop inside the museum, but the online shop is quite good. The things I like the most? The prints on demand where you can select a picture and order it. This is mine, look at it!


A part from that, a few gifts are very nice, like those ones.

Want more? Next time!

Ahhh almost forgot! Please, donate to the museum. Is the way they have to make things happen. Remember that the visit is free and how many things they offer. I give them a small donation every time I went, and also I gave a small amount for a person I know that will give if she was here. (To help the whales).


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