We Choose the MOON.

Thanks to Tai–Chi for this information.

I bring you this interactive web page about the 40 year celebration of the mission to Moon.


The web page is an interactive voyage on one of the Apollo Missions.

You can go trough all the steps of the mission and explore all the audiovisual material. From simple pictures to amazing videos aboard the module.


I have seen some of the videos of the missions before, but I must admit that a lot of  the material of the web page is new to me.


As an interesting question, I must say that the cameras and films to make these pictures was a great problem. Because the photography film can get destroyed very easily with ionizing radiation, and on the Moon there is quite a lot (there is no atmosphere to filter sun light).(Click here for more info ).

This camera had to work in the extreme conditions of space, with vacuum and temperatures varying from 120° C in the sun to minus 65° C in shadow. The camera was painted silver to make it more resistant to the variations in temperature. Conventional lubricants had to be eliminated as they would boil off in the vacuum of space.

And only one thing more before allowing you to go to the web page. The speech…

 “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things. Not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

  ― John F. Kennedy

Almost forgto!!! Here is another resource to enjoy the voyage. Panorama pictures of the Moon.


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