Neko Time!!! =^_^= Arundel Castle

On 23 June is my birthday (no gifts then? no problem, can give now? no now? ohhh). To celebrate it I choose a special activity going to see a medieval tournament in a castle!


The choosen castle is called Arundel Castle. Is in Arundel town, about 60 milles south of London.

The castle is about 400 years old, and has been reconstructed several times. A part from that, it has been the set for many films and TV series. (Any body knows Doctor Who?). You can check out all the information in it’s web page here.


First of all, getting there. It’s about one hour and a half from London by car. And… the most direct way has traffic jams usually. So, be aware.Once there, the amusements begins immediately at the entrance, with singers and medieval representations.


Usually the visit to the castle only includes the castle, but on some special ocasions there is events, like tournaments, pirates, normans… and a siege to the castle! You can check the events at the web page here. Maybe you are as lucky as me and they also made something the same day of your birthday. The entrance is not cheap, but I can tell you that it will be a very nice day.


So… things to do… walk around the castle and visit the gardens. There is plenty of space to walk around, and the gardens are wonderfull. Specially, the small roses garden.


What is the most interesting thing in the gardens? Well, there is a small zoo (which of course I contribute with a small donation, remember to do the same). But, the zoo is not the most awesome of all. The most awesome thing is the Dancing Crown of Arundel.


The Crown is inside a small chapel that imitates Oberon’s Palace, which formed part of the set for The Masque of Oberon designed by Inigo Jones and written by Shakespeare’s friend Ben Jonson, in 1611. I will add that it is amazing, and also, it makes a special sound due to the vibration.

After that thing, almost everything else looks small…. I mean, there is a nice church… but we didn’t stop there for too long, we were still amused by the crown.

So, gardens, crown… time for… a storyteller!

Yep, there was a storyteller that day. Most of it for kids, but we enjoyed quite a lot, and Tai-Chi specially, he played a role in the story!


Hmmm it was a quite free version of Robin Hood, but still nice.

And at last ready to take the castle.


I must say that as usuall in Uk, if you pay to visit something, you are not allowed to take pictures (this thing prevent me to go to many places, because if I cannot take pictures, it’s so boring…).


Hey, but nobody tells me what to do! So I smuggled some pictures inside. I must say that the castle itself is quite boring. A few chambers, some history, and nice mannequins but still… After York


The real reason why the castle is so boring is because there is people living on it, and the tourist area is so very small in relation.


Ok ok, and now at last comes the funny things. Fights and battles. =^_^=

There is 3 main activities happening during the tournament weekend.

First, there is eagles and the show how they can be used to different task.


This not a very amazing task, but I made a video (see below) and you can see them flying between the people and performing different acrobatic flights.

Second, the archers.


They have different sessions. Which include fire range, targeting, speed shooting… and archers vs infantry (see video).

Then, after the archers came the infantry fights.


Of course some of the fights are not real. But most of them are real, and there is quite a lot, since normal 1 vs 1 to all vs all and capture the King (who fights extraordinary well).

Hope you enjoy the video and if it is possible, visit the castle one day.

And that’s all. What? want more? No more!





Well. Here it goes.


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