Just So Stories

Original title: Just So Stories for Little Children.

Title of this edition:   Just So Stories.

Author: Rudyard Kipling.

Gender: Fantasy.

Saga: Jungle Book

Editorial: Piccolo.

Edition year: 7, 1979.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: Making a resume of the stories is very difficult, because there is many and sometimes very difficult to explain, but imagine stories about how the leopard got its spots, how the language was invented, or how the animals became useful for the man. Or… if you don’t want to imagine… here is the complete book with illustrations.


Personal Review: I have to say that as a book for adults I don’t like it, and as a book for kids either. It’s interesting sometimes, and as a lesson of history (to create an atmosphere about how literature was on 1900) is a very nice book. The problem with the book is that sometimes is too complex to understand it properly. Some of the stories, like the one about how writting was invented, are quite nice and easy to read, but others, like how the camel get his hump, are quite boring.
Hmmm that is not quite good about this book. But it has three nice facts. The first one is that it was written by Kipling to his daughter Josephine who died at the age of 6. The second one is that the illustrations were made by Kipling itself… and the third one is that one of the stories is used in the second jungle book written by Kipling, so in the end it is like a background for the rest of books. Nice.


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