Neko Time!!! =^_^= London Film and Comic Con

A few weeks ago it was the… London Film and ComicCon.


… I had to…. so I went. =^_^=
The event took place at the Earls Court, and I have to say that is a nice place to organize this. The tube connections are quite good, the place is real big, and is still close to the centre.


Once I get there, I didn’t knew where to go, but there was lots of people around directing the visitors. I didn’t book my ticket in advance, so I was a little bit afraid about not being able to get in, but in the end, the queue for people with ticket was almost the same of those without, so… =^_^=


Ok, so I was in, what can you see there? (Please, David Hasselhoff, move away from the Ecto 1). This was the first car on the convention… the second one was KITT but it was inside of one of the photo rooms.

Hmmm the photo rooms… I went to other kind of convections, this was my first one with real actors on it. I discovered that you can take photos with the actors… paying quite a lot for it (no way).

I prefer the amateurs, they are more awesome.


And on top of that, sometimes you can catch very nice shoots.


(did you notice that the phaser is from the original series?).

The next one is even better.


Hmmm good one… I have even more like this.

But my photage is very poor, extremely miserable. Other people did it much better. Like this video. Please, enjoy!

Nice. Real nice. I think that a comic con is one o f the best places on earth for the joy and happines you feel everywhere.

Ok, so what I can tell instead of showing you cosplays?

Ta ta ta ta tachan…. I prefer to talk about the shops and the kind of ittems you can find on them.

So… first one. Katie White. She is a freelance illustrator and designer. And on her webpage you can buy items as cool as these.

Second one… a toy shop, but not any toy shop,TOYHQ toy shop. Look at these items. A stand for your action figures, like your Luke Skywalker action figure (now with one hand).

Hmmm I was expecting more of this shop. I think the webpage is not updated.

Let’s go them for something  hot… what about a Star Trek ships collection? Here it is.


Nice! =^_^= What is next? Next something just incredible… a Geek Boutique. XD


I must admit that this one is quite original, I haven’t seen something such original in a while. Look what new ideas for geek stuff! =^_^=

The next shop doesn’t have a very nice web page. Actually is crap… but they have some special items. Dream Makers Toys.

And now, to move into something cool… All the Cool Stuff.


Hmmm so cool? Yep, so cool. Look at those vintage transformers… and energy cubes from the original series! And also vintage Han! and plush Chewie and the Ewoks! =^_^=

Hmmm not bad, but it could be better. Really, they have many different topics, if they center only in one, then the offer will be better and probably manage to attract more people. Next one!

Now is time for some apparel. Belt Buckles tees!


OMG. They have so much… let’s start from the main thing, Belt Buckles. Well,  I have to admit that they don’t have so much. Any street vendor has more than them… but, they have a few exclusive ones, look at these.

More things they have? t-Shirts. These is my especiality, I have a quite good collection… Let’s see. At the beguining it seems they don’t have anything special… but… Look, this is part of the collection I brougth at the comic Con.

They are quite awesome, I know. And I also know that now you want them too.

Do they have more interesting t-shirts? Yes, they have. For me, those are the special ones, or the never seen before.

Do they have more? Yes, they have, but the belts are quite ugly for me and I prefer you to discover it by yourselves.

The next one is an art gallery focused on pop culture. Wlecome to the Dark City Gallery.


I think that after my “half of wall poster” of the Goonies movie everybody know that I love movie posters, so… I love this shop. But hold a second. This posters are so dam expensive! Well yes they are, but they are also limited editions, most of them hand made and probably unique. So if you buy it, probably nobody else will have the same one. Think about it.

This is my (large) selection of posters.

Wowow so many posters! Hahahahaha sorry.

The next is the webpage of a very good artist. Her name is Amanda Ward. And this is what she does.


And… Voila! She makes sculptures!


I saw this Yoda on the Comic Con, I can say that I will buy it if she sells it. It’s fucking awesome.

Ok. Are you tired? Not yet? There is still many things to watch.

Next stop is a vintage (and modern) Star Wars shop. Welcome to Star Zone.

starzone-banner-left2-small-logoStar Wars specialist… let’s see what they… OMG I want it.


Apart from the classic vintage Star Wars, they have also some… how can I say… freak things.



Ok, now a normal shop. Order Sixty Six Toys is the next one, a shop with a really nice cool figures.


So… really cool? Well it depends on the person, but for me… this is cool.

Hmmm but that is nothing new. Shoe me something new!

Ok, here it comes, somehting from Superman III



And finally, the last one. This is an artist that creates books covers from any picture you send to him.  Phoenix Copper Art.


He has 3 main items. Copper covers. “Mellon” (For those who don’t catch the reference, it’s the word friend to open the gates of Moria).


Book modding. Feels like the Aurin is going to become alive.



And finally, convert books into something else.







What? Want more?
Ok, so here is more. Book tickets now for the Winter London Film and Comi Con.



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