Ship breaking

A few days ago I was reading an article about the textile industry in Bangladesh (which is a horrible story about slavery, child working, contamination…) and I came across a story about ships.

When a ship ends his working life (maybe a few decades after being fitted) it’s the moment to retire it. There are various alternatives for the recycling, and depending on the size of the ship and the kind of work done, it can be cheaper or not. The cheapest of all, and one that actually has a big profit, is called Ship Breaking and it can be a big mess with environment.


(Photo from the Andrew Holbrooke Album)

Ship Breaking happens in very specific places. The common procedure consists in taking a ship into a dock and cut it into pieces. But this not always happens. Because there is a more cheaper procedure, which consists in crashing the ship into one beach and then cutting it. This second procedure it’s a high profit business because on certain places they don’t care at all about environment or safety at work. The next video has no sound, but it show how is living in that scrap yards.

And things can get even worse. Imagine barrels with old chemical products. Isolating materials. Fumes from the petrol…

After watching a few more videos, I decide to take a look. Can this be seen from space?

This is the map of Ship Breaking sites and crashing beaches.


And this how the crash beaches looks from space.

Bangladesh, Chittagong Ship Breaking yard

And this is how the coast looks a like.


Did you notice the brown line along the beach? Is not sand.

India, Alang Ship Breaking Yard

And this is how it looks like.


Pakistan, Gadani Ship Breaking yard

And this how it looks like.


If you have seen this images and think that has to be stoped. Please visit this web page and learn! And maybe after learning you can collaborate as well.


And finally, The GraveYard a documentary about this world and everything that it involves.

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