The Amtrak Wars 3: Iron Master.

Original title: The Amtrak Wars Book 3: Iron Master.

Title of this edition: The Amtrak Wars Book 3: Iron Master.

Author: Patrick Tilley.

Gender: Fantasy / Science Ficction.

Saga: Amtrak Wars.

Editorial: Sphere Books Limited.

Edition year: 1, 1987.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: This book continues the story of the first one and the second one and tells us what happened when Brickman was trained to be a secret AMEXICO agent and sent into the Iron Masters territory.

Cadillac has been working for the Iron masters trying to develop airplanes with the knowledge he stole from Brickman. Clearwater has been held prisioner as a sex slave. And Brickman, Brickman has been trying to survive. He is now a secret agent for the first family, and his task is to destroy the airplane facility in the Iron Master’s facility and bring back Cadillac and Clearwater. Using his knowledge, his luck, and a few Mute powers, Brickman mange to scale in the Iron Master’s society and reached the Heron’s pool where airplanes are being fabricated. There he helps Cadillac to develop new airplanes without using electricity for the engines (it is prohibited to use or research about electricity). Instead, they use rocket to power the take off and extend the flights duration. With the new airplanes ready to fligth, Brickman set a plot to escape with Cadillac, Clearwater and two more trakers.  His plan was to go back to the Amtrak federation, but in the end, he escaped into the plainfolk. On the Iron Master’s side there is many conspirancies and secret plots runing in parallel, but in the end, the current goverment eleminates all his opponets.

Personal Review: Japanese samurai in the apocalyptic world. That is awesome… what is not so awesome is trying to remember all these names and relations between domain lords… The book is awesome, is what we can expect of a traditional Japanese society trying to avoid all the things that bring the apocalypse.


There is one thing that I don’t like from this book. The fact that it has been one thousand years since the Armageddon and the society remains unchanged since that. I mean, one thousand years, even with electricity prohibited will lead to some interesting developments and some kind of human rights. At least I want to believe so.
Ok, so two bad things. Does it has something good? Well, I have to admit that the rocket solution for the airplanes was something completely new for me. Avery nice trick. I really like it.

I’m willing to read the next one.


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