Jo Nakashima. Origami Tutorials.

It has been a long time ago since last origami post. Today I bring a Origami master that dedicates himself to make tutorials and copy designs from other people. Say hello to Jo Nakashima.


And here is why he is here. Not for what he has gone, but for what he may do in the future.


Nice? How about this other one? I know that for most purist origami masters painting the designs is no good, but… c’mon, it’s nice.


And, If he didn’t win your heart yet, here is something more… special.



Jajajajaja He is doing it right. Nut this is not his main activity, what will give him a place among the greatest will be his videos.

Hope you like it! Share with friends and he will make more!

And this special one to M.E. (Mysterious Explorer). ;



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