ALPE: Alien Landscapes on Plantet Earth

All images and videos showed here are under Copyright by Martin Rietze and they are show without economic interest, I only want to make publicity of his work.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the end of the world!
Martin Rietze is a man that has been in the most extreme places of the world just to take the picture of real alien landscapes here in the planet earth.

His collection is huge and has several books and loots of pictures in his web page. But… remember one thing, the picture you are actually looking at, probably took several days of travelling in an hostile environment, cold, hot, and without the most basic things.

Sometimes we forget how amazing is this world where we live and the many wonders that it still has.

I can’t show here all the pictures he has, because all of them are incredible, so I just suggest you to go to his web site and explore yourself. And If I didn’t convince you yet, take a look.

Hope you like it!


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