seaQuest DSV Fire Below

Original title: seaQuest DSV Fire Below.

Title of this edition: seaQuest DSV Fire Below.

Author: Matthew J. Costello.

Gender: Fantasy / Science Ficction.

Saga: seaQuest.

Editorial: Millennium.

Edition year: 1, 1994.

Prizes: …

Sinopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: Captain Nathan Hale Bridger have just decided to stay as a captain of the seaQuest, his dream, the biggest and most sophisticated submarine ever built. In his journey to San Francisco to show the seaQuest in a big naval event, they recieve the emergency call of a submarine hotel. Bombs have been placed in a terrorist attack to the complex.

After dealing with the terrorist and with the help of Darwin (the dolphin that is able to speak thanks to the seaQuest technology), Nathan receives the order of scouting some guest into a heavily secured research compound. It has been an incredible discovery  near some volcanic area, a parasite that is able to control any body… even human bodies.

The rescue is simple in this case, but very risky, if the parasite reach the surface it can contaminate the hole world.

Personal Review: Sometimes there is parallelism in some of this series and seaQuest is quite similar to Star Trek. Let’s say that seaQuest is mainly a TV series, and if you enjoy the TV series, you will enjoy the book, but don’t read the book without the TV. As in the case of Star Trek, is not the adventure the important thing, the fun is with the crew and the ambient. I remember watching the original star trek and enjoying all the things related to the future and how the people relate to it.

The stories in this book are quite bad, and the action happens in a flash, but the ambient… ah… I brought the book in a comic convention this summer, and starting the book drove back again to watch the TV series. There is more fun in the description of the submarine and the processes than in the adventure itself. I have to say that I brought another one and is waiting in my library to be read.

Watching again the series, I think is a same that it has too few episodes, the technological effort to bring the seaQuest into life was inmense. Every single episode needs some 3D animations, and the dolphin, and the sets… and espacielly, dealing with water all the time.

Ah, that remembers me something, the TV series has an advise at the end of each episode, was a big effort to respect the sea and conscience the people against the dangers of pollution and overexploitation of resources.


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