At the Mountains of Madness.

Original title: At the Mountains of Madness.

Title of this edition: En las montañas de la locura.

Author: Lovecraft – Culbard.

Gender: Horror / Fantasy / Science Fiction.

Saga: Cthulhu.

Editorial: Sin entido.

Edition year: 1, 2013.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: A new expedition of the Miskatonic University is set to the Antarctic, they don’t know what happens years ago to the team of William Dyer and his geological survey. The geological survey, with two ships and 5 air-planes was an attempt to extract geological data from different parts of the Antarctic, it was a 2 years journey.  After the initial contact, the scientist discover some fossils that suggest life older than the actual records found in the rest of the world. That evidence creates a debate among the team and part of it decides to change the objective of the mission. This second team decides to explore an area full of caves and with mountains more than 10000 meters high (Everest is about 8000 meters).  And that was its doom. The whole team disappears after finding some strange specimens in the ice. The second team comes in their rescue to find only dead corpses and desolation. In their attempt to discover the reason of that, they decide to fly over the mountains… and they find an abandoned city, older than anything on the Earth. This city was built and abandoned long before the humans build any city. It belong to the ancient, some extraterrestrial beings that probably created humans as a part of a game. These creatures fight against Cthulhu.

The second team decides to abandon that doomed place and the secrets buried on it, it was not completely dead and the knowledge on it could be something the humans are not yet ready to understand.


Personal Review: First of all, a promise. I brought this book at Seville (Spain) just 2 weeks ago, during a conference, and the comic book shop owner was so kind leaving the shop open just for me that I need to thank him mention the shop here. It’s name is Edición Limitada and this is it’s web page. Please, take a look and who knows, maybe you find something interesting.

And now, I must confess that despite I like Lovecraft quite a lot, I haven’t read the original At the Mountains of Madness. But this edition is quite good, I think it condenses all the action. Maybe the ambient is not the same, you don’t have time to create the correct atmosphere, but doesn’t matter too much.

At some moments this story reminds me The Thing (Specially the John Carpenter’s version). Basically, creatures not bellowing to this planet are trapped in the ice and scientist release them causing their own dead. The creatures where trapped in the ice for centuries trying to scape their fate and they like to experiment with genetics, mixing things. The main difference here is that in Lovecraft there is more knowledge of the previous story (what happens to Cthulhu and the ancients) and there is no spaceship (there is an old city isntead). Hey but in a book you have to tell more things, in a movie is better not to tell all. And about spaceships, well, it was written quite a long ago and the idea of space travel was not very common.

There is still something that I don’t like about the book. 5 air-planes! They manage to get 5 air-planes in the ships and rebuild them on the Antarctic. I don’t know if they are in the original novel, but it’s completely useless in the graphic novel, and specially when there is nothing happening about them, nothing specially related to having so many planes. One at least is needed, and if they want to rise the tension killing completely one team and forcing the other one to travel to the team location, then a second plane is needed, but 5? Remember that this adventure is happening in the 1930’s.

A part from that particular point with the planes, I like the story, but after reading it I feel the same as with the film of The Thing (one of my favourite films), I need more. I need to know more about this ancients, about Cthulhu and specially if there is more points where there suggest an extraterrestrial origin instead of some kind of ghost from another dimension.

My final comment is that this is a must read book, a very well graphic work, but too short and so short and with so many questions that the adventure ends even before starting.



Hope you like it.







What? Want more? Here is more! This book was published in Spanish by sins sentido.

sinsentidoBut it was published first in English by SelfMadeHero.

SMH_logo_smlAnd… this last one has a HUGE collection of graphic novels. I will buy them quite a lot for sure. Take a second and have a look at some Stanislaw Lem and specially the Manga Shakespeare series.


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