How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper.

Original title: How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper.

Title of this edition: How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper.

Author: Robert Day and Barbara Gastel.

Gender: Guide.

Saga: —.

Editorial: Cambridge.

Edition year: 7, 2012.

Prizes: …

Personal Review: This is basically a guide about writing scientific papers or simply communicating science. It’s quite a good book and a “must read” to anyone starting a scientific career. Is not focused on any particular science, but it fits quite well for physics.

It covers publishing papers, giving oral presentations, writing books and preparing posters. And in a quite good detail. I mean, pointing things that are not obvious to new ones and at the same time not extending too much the text.
I think is one of the best books I have read about this topics and I really recommend it for beginners. And, it doesn’t have tips for veteran people, but could help them to correct bad habits. For example, details quite well when to use “we” in communicating science.

On top of that, the books also describes quite well the process involved in publishing a paper, including editors reviews and journal management. And it is specially good in explaining the kinds of answers expected from a reviewer and how to handle them.

I really recommend it. Remember that you are allays lucky of reeving critics, because they allow you to improve.


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