The Call of The Wild


Original title: The Call of the Wild.

Title of this edition: The Call of the Wild.

Author: Jack London.

Gender: Fantasy/Adventures


Editorial: Bloomsbury Books.

Edition year: 1, 1993.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: Buck us a family dog that is sold to pay a gambling debt. He is sold to become a trail dog in the north, in the new gold fever that has arisen in Alaska. The book tells the adventures he has to face and how he manages to survive to become leader of a pack of wolves. 

Personal Review: I really like Jack London. I have read a few of his books and I always love how he manage to put you in the point of view of the narrator (a dog in this case). The best book for me… The Star Rover. It’s a book about a criminal in San Quentin State Prison that is tortured during days, weeks, and even months, to be inside “the jacket”, a device which can be tightly laced so as to compress the whole body that keeps him from moving or breathing. During his torturing, he manages to go into a state where he can live other lives, and the book describes these other lives.

Well, back to this book. You know? I get this book traveling on the train. It is a part of community sharing books. In one of London suburb train stations there is a waiting room full of books that you can take, read and put back again for other people. I wen there and I found this one. And to tell the truth, I have already read it before, but it was the better one on the waiting room.

I like this book because it lets you know how living in the north was. Specially, it is able to make you feel like the dog. It makes you feel the pain, understands how it thinks, and what kind of motivations he had. It fails a little bit in the sense that introduces too much characters and Buck changes too many times from one owner to another. That makes a little it useless to prepare the plot, because when you start to have interesting things happening, you have to start over again to prepare the plot.

But is a nice book. Maybe not for kids, but truly for young people. It’s easy to read it and is quite short. Totally recommend it.



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