The Lathe of Heaven.

Original title: The Lathe of Heaven.

Title of this edition: The Lathe of Heaven.

Author: Ursula K. Le Guin.

Gender: Fantasy/Sci-fi


Editorial: Panther Science Fiction.

Edition year: 1, 1978.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: George Orr has discovered that some of his dreams become true and is afraid of dreaming and change things. Dr. William Haber has a dreaming inducting machine that can help Orr. After a few sessions, Dr. Haber becomes aware of the true powers of George and starts using his machine to manipulate the dreams and making a better world. Only him and George are aware of the changes, but Orr is scared and at the same time cannot do anything. In the end aliens appear that also uses the dreams to navigate into different realities, and they help George to stop dreaming and prevent Dr. Haber from using the machine himself to induce those powerful dreams.

Personal Review: What is happening here? The explanation in the book says that during the REM phase of George dreams he is able to create such a complex electrical pattern that allows him to travel between different realities. The dreams job is to select which reality to choose.

Hmmm ok, I don’t have problems with the machine. I do have problems with changing realities… but it is not clear how conscience links with reality, so I don’t feel like having enough knowledge to discuss about it. The thing I can discuss about is why if other people are not dreaming, they remain aware of the changes. I think that, is the major problem of this book. I mean, is a very long book where actually doesn’t happen too much. If Dr. Haber was not aware, then you can make a book about what kind of adventures George has to overcome in the different realities, but with Dr. Haber aware of it, is like the main story with with him, not with George, and the book is not telling us about it.

Actually, George is scared, but can you image how much scared Dr. Haber must be? He is going to be in the new reality that arises from George’s dreams… Where maybe he is going to die because of a war, an alien invasion, or just a cancer.

I think that the book don’t explain well this point, and just “being present while George sleeps” doesn’t warranted anything. The only explanation that can fit is if we think that George dreams about Dr. Haber being conscience about the dream. So… that introduces a new dimension… Dr. Haber is manipulating George dreams because George is dreaming it in that way! So, George own worries introduces this kind of “nightmare” in his dreams. Nice.


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