STAR WARS tales Vol 1 #3

Original title: STAR WARS tales Vol1 #3.

Title of this edition: STAR WARS tales Vol1 #3.

Writers: Ryder Windham; John Ostrander; Rich Handley; Rich Hedden;

Illustrators: Tom Fowler; Jan Duursema; Darko Macan; Rick Leonardi

Gender: Fantasy/Sci-fi


Editorial: Dark Horse Comics.

Edition year: 1, 2000.

Prizes: …

Since this is a collection of stories, I’m going to review each one separately.

The Death of Captain Tarpals. Ryder Windham and Tom Fowler.

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: Jar Jar Binks is expulsed out of the city.

Personal Review:  Crap. George Lucas better have kill himself before introducing this stupid Jar Jar Binks. This a useless story of how he is exiliated (not even that, just how he is released out of the city) just before he meets the Jedis. Boring story of boring creatures.

Deal with a demon. John Ostrander Jan Duursema.

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: A mercenary helps a princess to scape from his planet.

Personal Review: Honestly, the story is too short to develop it consistently. And on top of that, half of the images are the demon-like smiling.

Lady Luck. Rich Handley and Darko Macan.

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: Lando Calrissian is playing Sabacc in the cloud city of Bespin. he is not yet in charge of the city and the former governor wants to play against him. He wins thanks to the donations of the miners and becomes the new governor of Bespin.

Personal Review: It’s not a long story, but I liked this one because it expands a little bit the original 3 movies (the best ones). I think they introduce a girl just for showing her… but the rest is fine.

Three Against the galaxy. Rich Hedden and Rick Leonardi.

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: A prisoner gamorrean helps a rich girl to scape from her evil uncle (who kills her father to take possession of his business).

Personal Review: I think this one is not very bad… at the beguining. Because it develops a story and you engage into it, but at the end it looks like they run out of pages and just make things happned. They spend 3 or 4 pages to get out of a mine, and only one image to show how they blow up a complete factory evacuating all prisoners and avoiding the guards.

My general review of this comic is that it is very bad. Doesn’t worth the money you pay for it. But despite of that, for those who manage to read up to here…



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