The Shrinking Man

Original title: The Shrinking Man.

Title of this edition: The Shrinking Man.

Authors: Richard Matheson.

Gender: Fantasy/Sci-fi


Editorial: Corgibooks

Edition year: 1, 1969.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: Scott is Shrinking! He is Shrinking at a constant rate and there is no clue why. This book tells the story of his last days before shrinking to the nothing. He is trapped in the house basement with a spider without food and with no water. After struggling for water, food and killing the spider, he finally becomes so small that he start realizing that maybe there is another smaller universes in an eternal cycle that never ends. Before disappearing the reason for his illness is revealed, a strong insecticide combined with radiation is making his body loose vitamins, elements and shrink.

Personal Review: There is 3 things wrong for me in this book. First one, trying to make it scientific with insecticide and radiation. It could have been good reasons back in the 60’s but you get sick or die, not just shrink… Second thing is, even if your body is loosing some elements, not all the tissues will loose at the same rate, so shrinking will not happen proportional to all of them. You probably broke your bones before your weight drops, or your skin maybe shrinks too fast and just rip off… Third thing is that physical laws don’t scale so well, so for instance water can flow through a pipe if it is big, but if it is too small, it will make bubbles. So… it is a good book? It is, but sometimes it is a little bit annoying how he is not able to predict his future needs or how he gets angry instead of enjoying the experience and experiments or explores this new world. I know it will be not funny, but imagine the endless possibilities…


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