seaQuest DSV The Ancient

Original title: seaQuest DSV The Ancient.

Title of this edition: seaQuest DSV The Ancient.

Author: David Bischoff.

Gender: Fantasy / Science Fiction.

Saga: seaQuest.

Editorial: Millennium.

Edition year: 1, 1994.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: A sea monster is devastating the South Pacific trading. The SeaQuest is send to investigate. In his travel to the monster they discover that there is dolphin stories that go from one dolphin to another. The legend speaks about an ancient alien that reached the earth long ago and taught the dolphins. The SeaQuest in combination with dolphins go inside the alien, which is a kind of organic spaceship, and manage to repair it. Once repaired it goes into space.

Personal Review: I enjoyed this book quite a lot. It has two very good elements. The first one, an organic-like spaceship which is able to repair itself and keep working for centuries, and the second one history among dolphins, transmitted to specific members. In principle, the SeaQuest itself has a biological skin, but this goes beyond that, is one of the earlier attempts to combine engineering and biology, which from my point of view is not a bad idea, since long space travel needs repairs and maintenance. Unfortunately, I think is a mistake to allow such kind of machine to misbehave just because a few parts are irreversible broken. It should be designed to resist any kind of injury. I have seen recent attempts of this technology in other books (Superman), and there every piece of the ship has encoded, in its surface, the entire instructions to build again the whole ship.So it will be reasonable for the ship to be able to fully repair.

The other thing, the history among dolphins I think is a great idea. Dolphins communicate, so, why not tell stories to each other? why not to keep records? I think it will be amazing if this is real. Imagine what kind of things they will be able to tell us.


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