Tadashi Mori. Origami Master (with tutorials)

Another Origami post. Which Origami master I bring today? Welcome to Sipho Mabona


I think you know when you see a master because it makes something extraordinary from simple.


Like it? According to his biography, he folded airplanes since 5 to 15 and then… he decided there was much more in the world than planes, and it can be folded too.

That is how he decided to fold the things others don’t. Like horses, everybody folded horses, but few and possibly no one folded a horse running.


If you want to know more about him.

Tumblr blog.

Etsy shop.






Hahahahahaha had enough?

Why he has become known these days?

Because of a real size paper elephant. (Do you remember Eric Joisel and his real size Rhino?).


Amazing, I like it so much.

I not going to say anything more, if you want to see more, visit his webpage (specially if you want to hire him).

Just two more examples, some random animals….

… and how to make a fish.

And that is all. I hope you like it.










No more.






Ok, one more, the best one for the end.


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