Neko Time!!! =^_^= Atlas Obscura

During this year I have been several times on the Hampton Court Palace and I though about writing a Neko Time… but then I found Atlas Obscura.


Atlas Obscura is a social network of places/adeventures updated by the users.

Let me show it to you. For isntance, I love to go to Iceland and I want to go off the track, explore not common places. Is there anything there for me? The search shows 25 places.


Hmmm let’s take a look and see what is interesting for me. Number 10 looks like an interesting place. It’s called Svartifoss and it’s a waterfall.


The web gives us the location, some info…

” Over centuries, lava flows cooled at a languid pace in Iceland’s frosty air, gently forming the stacked hexagonal crystals that provide the backdrop for the falls. ”

and show us recommendations and users that marked this place as visited (usually that users will know nearby interesting places).

Ok ok, interesting. Something else? Well, in fact we can make wishes about places to go and receive updates about them. And also, of course, mark places you have been.

I made a profile and mark some places I visited in the past.


From my own list, things I recommend… Grotta Gigante in Italy, near Trieste.


(The path can barely be seen on the image, It’s huge!!!!)

So, as a resume. Here you can find interesting places, experience from other visitors, share your voyages… and explore, specially explore. And the more users it gets the more places it will have, so please, join and share.


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