World Robot Olympiad

Today I want to focus your attention on an international event for kids, the World Robot Olympiad (2014 event webpage)


In short WRO is mainly a project/platform for learning how to build robots (programming, building, thinking…) through competitions. In long, it wants to prepare the kids for the new high technology world that is awaiting them and reduce the gap between the school and the real world (there is a delay between culture and assimilation of culture into education, and obviously, if culture accelerates and education not… then the gap increases).

One example? I assume you know about Lego NXT…. don’t you think this should be taught in schools?

WRO organizes robotics competitions every year and kids from many countries can participate, these are the competitions available (check if your country participates).

The Regular category its a challenge based competition in which teams will build robots that are designed to solve a given challenge set on a table.

The Open Category competition is a theme based competition in which teams use their creativity and problem solving skills in constructing smart robotic solutions that complement the theme of the competition. In 2011 the theme of the Open category was “Robots for Life Improvement”.

WRO GEN II Football is a competition were teams of two robots play a game of football (soccer) on a playing field. WRO share the rules for WRO GEN II Football with Robocup Junior Australia.

College Regular Category is available to students from age the of 17. There is no upper age limit – but participants have to be either High School or college/university undergraduate students. It is a themed competition and in 2014 is about Mars:


“Your robot has landed on Mars to represent your country in the lucrative trade of delivering materials to the colonies spread across the planet. Each colony needs certain materials more than others. Your robot’s job is to maximize the time it has in a single battery charge by delivering goods for maximum profit. Buy low and sell high is your mission. You will receive and extra bonus for precious metal (i.e. gold) that you place in the company return vehicle (4th Waypoint). Hurry back to the recharge station before your 5 minute battery charge run’s out. Happy roving.”

So… do you want to participate? No? C’mon!


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