Original title: Explorers.

Title of this edition: Exploradores.

Author: George Gipe.

Gender: Fantasy / Science Ficction.


Editorial: Plaza y Janes Editores S.A.

Edition year: 1, 1985.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: Ben has a dream about an electric circuit. His friend Wolfgang builds it and their new friend Darren helps them. The circuit seems to be able to generate a force field using only the energy from a battery. Soon the kids realize they can use the force field to fly and go into space. Together the build a spaceship that placed inside the force field allows them to go to the moon… and farther because two aliens are controlling the field. The aliens are 2 kids that wants to communicate with earth kids. Once the father of the aliens finds them the adventure finish. But this is not the end, after being back at the earth the dreams start again!

Personal Review:  Actually, this book has its own movie.

I watched the movie when I was a kid… only once. Since that I was trying to find it again, because I didn’t knew the title. When I discovered the title (15 years later) I couldn’t find a copy anywhere. After a few years trying to find it… it become available through the expansion of internet and online shopping. It was as I remembered it! Ok, it is not a great movie, I admit it, but is a movie that if you watch it as a kid, you want to watch it again, because is the kind of innocence that teen movies had in the 80’s. The special effects or the aliens are not important, what makes it glow is the fact of the three kids working together and the dream of actually being able to go to space.

It was a few years later in a trip to Urueña (a medieval town in Spain where every house has been converted into a library) where I found the book. I even knew there was a book… and suddenly there it was… I bought it straight away, no hesitation. That was about 2 years ago…. and I just finish reading it (it took me about a week, but I had other pending readings).

To be honest, the film is word by word the same as the book, omitting only a few sentences. Are those sentences essential? One of them is a birthday that only adds the fact that the beautiful girl doesn’t likes Ben (she does in the end).  This girl doesn’t appear as a main character, is only a side character…. so I think it was good deleting this scene. The same happens with the others.

So what about the book? The book is very funny, but the aliens part breaks the story completely. It was bad in the movie and it was in the book. I understand that the author tries to mirror the three human kids with 2 alien kids, but is not funny and not exciting, is just… wierd. What I liked the most is the part about the force field, because they build something, program it with computer and is actually able to generate something very cool.

And that’s all…









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