The life and works of Dalí.

Original title: The life and works of Dalí.

Title of this edition: The life and works of Dalí.

Author: Nathaniel Harris.

Gender: Art.

Saga: —

Editorial: Parragon.

Edition year: 1, 1994.

Prizes: …

Personal Review:  To be honest… it has more paintings review than personal life… but it is true that some comments to his life are made during the paintings review, and I think the personal details shown in this way are enough to keep the interest and don’t get bored.

From time to time I like reading about painting. I don’t have a favourite style, but I prefer when the paints have to be explained because then reading is like making a new discovery. With Dalí I discovered that he likes to repeat themes between paints and inside the same paint. For instance, his “face” appears in many paints, or there is paints where you can see that resemble each other all the time.

The paint I like the most from this book is this one.


It is called Spain and was painted in 1938. The most notorious thing from this paint is that despite there is no painted woman, we can see one formed by the things in the paint.

I’m not an art specialist, so I cannot say too much about style or meaning, but I can say that when one sees these kind of “hidden” messages you certainly amaze yourself. Reading about them, and trying to understand the logic of the painter is something I have always enjoyed and I think it helps understanding much better the complexity within the world.


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