The Amtrak Wars 6: Earth-Thunder.

Original title: The Amtrak Wars Book 6: Earth-Thunder.

Title of this edition: The Amtrak Wars Book 6: Earth-Thunder.

Author: Patrick Tilley.

Gender: Fantasy / Science Fiction.

Saga: Amtrak Wars.

Editorial: Sphere Books Limited.

Edition year: 1, 1990.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: This book continues the story told in Cloud Warrior, First Family, Iron Master, Blood River and Death-Bringer. Brickman and Clearwater are inside the federation, Clearwater is still recovering from her injuries and about to gave birth to her son which promise to be the Thrice-Gifted One. Cadillac and Roz are travelling to the west to meet with the remains of the plainfolk tribes.

The plan is easy, Cadillac and Roz will infiltrate in Ne-Issan and using Roz magical powers, they will be able to create hallucinations and disguise themselves as witches. They want to kill current Shogun and his right hand and create instability between the iron masters. As a reward they expect to receive the enslaved mutes held by the opposites of the Shogun.

Meanwhile, Brickman is now captain and has access to the firstfamily and their dreamed world in the open land above the federation. He is going to Ne-Issan as ambassador with a member of the first family, Franklynn Delano Jefferson. Unaware of Callilac plans, he has to fight his way out of Ne-Issan and manages to agree a plan with Cadillac to exchange Franklynn fro Clearwater.

The plans works perfectly and Ne-Issan is in chaos, the mute slaves are free and Clearwater kid is the thrice-Gifted one. The problems come in the form of internal fights inside the federation, the head of AMEXICO and the president’s brother are fighting to get the control. Brickman is in between and manages to scape for a while, but eventually he is caught in the cross fire and dies, killing Roz at the same time. Luckily for her, her own child is already born and is the Talisman.

The book ends telling us that Clearwater kid was changed at the clinic, and the real one is still in the federation, where his powers start to show as an incredible computer abilities.

Personal Review:  It has been 2 years now since I started this saga, and this is the last book written by Tilley. He promised to write the 7th, but we are in 2014 and number 6 was written in 1990. It seems he was bored of the saga and despite a possible film… the book is still not being written.

I didn’t like this book, and I think it is possible to see that the author gets bored at the middle. The first part is quite detailed and boring and the second part lacks of details despite of being the most interesting. The first part is the plot in Ne-Issan while the second part is the things happening in the Federation. The part I completely hate is the fact that after 6 book Brickman dies, and the story is not finished, all the good things are about to come when he dies and the book ends. It has been said that the 7th book brings Brickman back to life… and that will be good… but most probably the book is not going to appear and even if it appears it will be influenced by the things happening since 1990 in the world and specially in technology.

One of the few good things in the book is the introduction of another federation vehicle, the bobcat.


They use it for engineering missions and reconnaissance. It has a small crew and carry pieces to do repairs. And the most interesting thing, they use petrol. It is not described in the books, but where petrol comes from? The big Amtraks can work on nuclear reactors, and small gliders on compressed air or batteries, but for this medium size vehicle any of the options are good. It would be nice to know if the federation fabricate their own petrol from chemicals, or if they have overground bases to extract it. The underground prospecting is out of the way, because it would be a very big cost to create underground bases to extract petrol, and on top of that they will be near an unstable area. Most probably they have overground bases which are not described in any of the books yet. It is most probable since they have mining overground bases.

Now that this saga is ended… I really hope the author goes for the 7th, and I want Brickman to be alive. Killing Brickman at the end of book 6 is a way of finishing the saga, but also a very bad ending, because it leaves the world in the same state it was at the beginning of the first book.


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