KickStarter Project of the Week (KPW)

Today we have a new KickStarter projects. But first, review the one from last week. It was the Packed Pixels, and it looks like it is going to be funded. What is the key features of this project that makes it become funded? From our last analysis we found that  3 main reasons:

  • Bakers will get a free sample of the product.
  • Project has a good video.
  • This is another step of the project, not the main step.

Those reasons are also present in this project, and reviewing both projects, I can add another 2:

  • Worldwide free shipping.
  • Good visual description of many different uses and applications.

Actually, Packed pixels is on Kickstarter for second time. The first time didn’t manage to get funded. They asked for £ 165000 and only get £47000. Now they added video, images and description of many different ways of using the product.

So, What project I promote this week? It is called tweeq and is a smaller version of Arduino (and Arduino compatible as well). Ideal for many projects and specially for wearables.



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