KickStarter Project of the Week (KPW)

The Kickstarter project of this week comes with bad and good news. The bad one is that tweeq is not going to be funded. On the other side, StickyBits still pledging for money and it’s still increasing the funding, so maybe they reach the goal. Just to mention, StickyBits is missing updates, for example it doesn’t say “featured in” as others do after they where featured in blogs. Many blogs (like the brickinthesky), will feel better doing publicity if the project acknowledge them, so remember, a source of publicity is important.

Now, what was wrong with tweeq? In my opinion, it was not clear what was the product and what will the backers get for their money. If you look at the different options, it’s actually very difficult to compare them and get a clear idea if you want to spend more or less money…. Compare the backing profile for mangocube who was funded, and tweeq which failed.

fundingThe product they try to develop is quite similar… but the funding profiles are the opposite!!!

Anyway, information is not enough to assure that was the reason, but have it in mind for next projects and if we see similar profiles, then it will become clear.

The project for this week is… iSmile Basically, a bluethooth remote for your phone to take selfies.



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