KickStarter Project of the Week (KPW)

Today I bring you a project that is already funded but is not yet finished, so you have the opportunity to participate. Also, it is about 3D printing, which I like quite a lot.

The project is called Flux 3D printer.

Also, because it is already funded, we can add it to our previous graph and see if it fits the pattern.

In order to display all the projects in the same scale, we are going to scale the possible pledged amount to 1 and put the number of bakers in percentage. The result is…



Up to now, all the funded projects follow a very similar profile! Which by the way is quite similar to the red continuous line… which is the Poisson distribution (scaled). Which by the way could suggests that there is no snowball effect (successful projects become even more successful). And in principle could explain also the fail of tweeq, it basically means that tweeq didn’t offer enough low money pledge options.

In principle it starts to make sense… and becoming interesting. Probably the next step will be calculating the number of people who just put money and didn’t want anything in exchange. Or how close where the pledge options.


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