The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is one of the major free-access repositories available in the web. It stores digital material which contents goes from videos and webpages to games, software and texts.

internet archive

Let’s tryout something from the texts. I’ll try to look for 20.000 leagues under the sea (my favorite book). It seems they have it through project Gutenberg. And… here it is.

Now let’s look for a movie of the same novel…. and here it is,

internet archive

a version of 1916.

Let’s move now to games. Here for instance I found Plotting in the Internet Arcade Games. And it can be played on the browser.


I used to play it when I was younger.

They also have a section of MS-DOS games that can be played on the browser, but it it not the most interesting part. The most awesome part is this…. the Console Living Room archive.



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