Bernie Peyton. Biology Origami.

Today I bring another Origami master


“Bernard Peyton, born 1950, married, BA Harvard 1972, MS University of Montana 1984, Ph.D. University of California Berkeley 1995”.

One of the things I like from him, is that he tries to study the nature and make models at the same time. It’s not just watching a picture and reproducing the animal, its a very long process, and you can see it explained in his web.

origami bear

The other thing I like from him is that he sells his origami, but he sells it trying to help nature. His origami transmit the passion for animals and at the same time how much endangered they are. He does this by making origami for parks and by request, and by his eco-friendly book which you can buy.


A part from that, this is his art. Please, enjoy!

Bernie-PBears-12 Buho-de-Goya_CU21 fort-puffin Harvester_Ants Kiwi PolarSwim3best Red-Eyed-Frog Red-Foxes Snail Spec_bear-hat1-e1416521961816 Tent-Bats VinesnakeJPG WalrusIceberg Wave

Follow him on facebook.


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