Terrahawks’ land train: Overlander

Early this morning I was procrastinating on the Dark Roasted Blend when land trains appear!


You know I love big machines, and specially land trains. It makes me dream about planetary colonization, hard environments, and of course, post apocalyptic worlds like the one described by the Amtrak Wars saga.

This time, among all the models, I like this one.

(image credit: David Sisson)
(image credit: David Sisson)

It is a replica made by expert model builder David Sisson (visit his webpage to see other works and conventions he has attended to or plans to go).

Honestly, I never heard of this vehicle, it is called Overlander and it seems it belongs to a science-fiction series called Terrahawks (wiki and official webpage).

(image credit: wikipedia)
(image credit: wikipedia)

Terrahawks is a 80’s TV series created by Gerry Anderson & Christopher Burr. The main plot is set in the year 2020, after an alien force has destroyed NASA’s Mars base and Earth is under threat. The Terrahawks organisation, is set up to defend the planet from their secret base in South America. In order to achieve victory they develop sophisticated weapons to fight back the alien forces.

The series is no longer on air, but you can buy it on amazon

(image credit: amazon)
(image credit: amazon)

and this how it looks like.

Specially, this is how the Overlander looks like.

Amazing. I wish there is a computer game just for driving the Overlander.





As an extra… a short documentary about Gerry Anderson’s projects.


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