Rich dad poor dad

rich dad poor dad

Original title: Rich dad poor dad.

Title of this edition: Rich dad poor dad.

Author: Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter.

Gender: Motivational.


Editorial: Electronic copy.

Edition year: 1, 2000.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: If you become an specialist who works for money, then you will never be rich, since the more money you earn, the more money you spend. You need to make money work for you.

Personal Review:  Critics say this book is useless, and it uses some anecdotes to support some vague ideas. No real learning comes out of it. Well, the real thing about the book is that it is a best seller, and that is a fact. So, good or bad, the book sells, and that is probably what Kiyosaki wants.

My personal review of the book is that in fact it is not a literature masterpiece, and that the message is vague, with no clear idea of how to turn it into useful actions in your life, and with many repetitions around the same idea. In some chapters it looks like somebody else is writing that chapter and hasn’t read the chapter before, because he repeats almost everything. But despite all of this, it does have some powerful ideas that can help you. I mean, the book will not tell you how to change your life, it will trigger the idea that maybe you need to change your life.

I understand why people want to become rich, and the book states that sometimes, even if that is what you want, you might be doing it more and more difficult to achieve. The problem is that if you earn money in the traditional way (working for it), they you have to pay more and more taxes, and by buying things, you buy responsibilities that drains your money, so it becomes more and more difficult to improve your wealth. On the other side, if you make money work for you and you invest it carefully, it will grow by itself, allowing you to enjoy life. Sound good isn’t it? The problem is that the book will not tell you how. Is like telling you that in football, if you keep passing the ball you will make it more probable the opponent to take it, you have to try to score as much as possible, but i don´t tell you how to do it.

On the other hand, the book is good to change your mindset. Sometimes it is more important to change somebody mindset, and make him realize what is his way of thinking, than actually telling him what actions to take. In my case, the book has changed my mindset and made me realize that some of the actions I took are driven by lazinesses. Taking courses, gaining experience, become an expert in a field… and increasing my CV in a particular area is easy, but it might not be the path to success. For instance, if I stay on this track, I will become a good asset fro a laboratory, but I will never become a good leader for a laboratory or get my own group. it is a complete different set of abilities and they require an effort.

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