Usually, I reserve this section to post what I consider interesting Kickstarter opportunities, but this week I need to point to a different web page for a different kind of funding opportunity. The project is called Sugru, it’s a plastic that can be used to fast fixes and belong to the company Sugru which has been doing business for a while. The funding opportunity consist in buying a share in the company and you can do it through Crowdcube a new platform similar to Kickstarter which allows you to actually buy part of the companies you help to fund.

For those of you who are not sure about this, let me tell you the very basics about buying shares of a company:

  • You physically own a part of the company, and depending on the amount you own, you participate in the decision making.
  • Very likely you will not receive your money back immediately, you will receive it when the company decides to give back some benefits, when you shell your shares, or when the company is bought by another one and offers you to buy your shares.
  • If at some point the company decides to shell more shares and increase their capital, then you will ended owing smaller percentage of the company.

So what is the good in it?

  • The good is that this is one of the few options to become owner of a company for as low as 10£.
  • It is an already established business, so probability of fail is lower.
  • It has an expanding market.

Here is the proof of the growing Sugru community of hackers (more can be found in the Sugru webpage).

Bumpers fro GoPro


New position for buttons

878Quick fix


Fix magnets to any surface

I40Bn93oTNyAhoxGrQbpRepair boots

cozlqYQbaIv9l2Qs50eAIsolate/improve objects

883Fix things that otherwise has to be completely replaced


And many other projects. One thing I like from this company is that they keep a blog for posting new ideas and also users can post their creations in the company webpage.


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