Orsinian Tales.


Original title: The Orsinian Tales.

Title of this edition: Orsinian Tales.

Author: Ursula K. Le Guin.

Gender: Novel.


Editorial: Batam Books.

Edition year: 5, 1981.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: This is a set of short stories that take place in an invented country called Orsinia (somewhere in central Europe). They focus on a dramatic personal experience of the characters and are based in different time periods.

Personal Review:  Although I like Ursula’s books, I have to say that she is difficult to read for non english native speakers. This book in particular is a good example. Some stories will go easily while others you have to read and read again in order to understand what she is trying to say. A part from that, barely 2 or 3 stories catch my attention, all the others are boring or too complicated with many relatives involved to really track all the relations between characters.

In short. If you like Ursula and want to read as much as possible from her, then read it, but if you are more into fantasy rather than novel, don’t read it.


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