Abandonatus Gigantus. 

“In 2011 LOOS.FM designed a temporary pavilion in the public space for the Grenswerk Festival in Enschede, The Netherlands…

09…The pavilion (Abondantus Gigantus) is made up of so-called Legioblocks: concrete blocks that are very similar to the famous Lego bricks. The blocks are grey and nondescript, yet they possess an industrial beauty…

15…The blocks are stacked in a so-called honeycomb brickwork. Because the blocks are not stacked firmly together, a (uniform) perforation in the volume occurs. This adds an extra dimension – day and sunlight entering during the day and at night emits an enchanting radiance; it´s a fascinating effect between volume and airiness.

w4tqwetgwegwegewgwegBecause of this, the appearance of the object is continually changing. The reflection and absorption of daylight, sunlight and artificial lighting on the primary colored blocks provides another dimension to experiencing the spaciousness….”


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