Original title: Abyss.

Title of this edition: Abyss.

Author: Orson Scott Card.

Gender: Novel.


Editorial: Ultramar editores

Edition year: 1, 1990.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: There is an extraterrestrial race living in the deeps of the ocean. Concern about the developing of the political situation and before a possible nuclear war starts, they decide to take action by disassembling a satellite. However, during the procedure, they sunk a nuclear submarine. The humans, unaware of this extraterrestrial race, think it was the other side who sunk the submarine and send a deep ocean exploration platform to the sunken ship in order to retrieve the nuclear codes and secure the area. During the retrieval mission, things go wrong and the situation requires to nuke the submarine. Unfortunately, the armed warhead falls into the deep towards the extraterrestrial city. By saving the city, the humans demonstrate that there is goodwill in the human race and deserves to be preserved.

Personal Review:  The Abyss, by James Cameron, is one of the best science fiction movies ever made (he made this film in between 2 Terminator films and after the Aliens film). This novelization of the film is simply excellent.

The film somehow is similar to Aliens, in the sense of reality and character development. The book achieves that and even more. In the film, the relationship between Bud and Lindesy starts as a broken/failed marriage and ends as a couple again. In the book it happens the same, but it explains a lot of more about it. It turns out that both personalities crash a lot, but on the other hand, they complement. The book develops the internal thoughts that drive Bud and Lindsey to do what they do. Lindsey needs to be independent, to reaffirm herself on every action she takes. Bud needs to bring together a bunch of different people, and he is perfect for that, because he tends to dilute all the fights. For these reasons Bud and Lindsey cannot be together and at the same time complement.

The second most important thing in the book is that it explains what cannot be explained in the film, what the extraterrestrials do. It turns out they communicate and interact through all the film, however because they use microcapilar conduits, we cannot see them, and hence cannot be display in the movie. Using these tentacles, they can affect thoughts and bodies and that is how they help Bud to stay alive and give Willis back.

There is one bad thing about the book (and the movie). There is no possible second part. It is a closed story because it is not clear if the story is about that people trapped down there or the extraterrestrial race… Hence if the story is continued, it will not be the same. On the other hand, for those who watched the film and liked it, the book is a good addition and a perfect way of enjoying a beautiful science fiction story.


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