Magic Rola: Jean Beam bourbon publicity.

I just found this advertisement for Jean Beam bourbon.

Do you think it is cool? What if I tell you that in 2014 Jean Beam was bought by Suntory?

But, what it is Suntory and why it is important? Because Suntory is making great efforts in terms of publicity, and it seems it is paying of. Do you remember 3D on the rocks?

Yes, it was Suntory again.

But Suntory has not only spirits… and its efforts are not only centered on the alcoholic drinks. C.C. lemon has also very funny commercials…

… and this amazing commercial was done for another drink. The worlds fastest orchestra.

However, there is something that makes Suntory different, and it is…. Tommy Lee Jones (Uchujin Jones).

For all these reasons, you should keep an eye on Suntory.


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