Once again, I have to suggest a funding opportunity that is not related with Kickstarter. This project is funded through Crowdcube.

POD Point is a company dedicated to electric vehicle charging points. Their main activity consists in the installation of public charger across UK, however they also sell chargers to particulars (see their webpage if you want to buy one, they are quite cheap) and to retailers (e.g. Tesco). Now they have two main projects, expand their business in Europe, and start charging for the usage of their charging points. In order to achieve that goals, they are offering 2 investment opportunities, bond (you lend them money at 8% interest during 3 years)

and equity (you buy shares up to 5% of the company).

Both schemes are interesting and it is a good opportunity to entry into a business that is very likely to expand during the next decade (be sure that you understand the risks involved before investing).

If you care about pollution, supporting electric vehicles, and the grid to operate them, is a good way to contribute, and also can be a good way to earn some money. Hurry up! (once completely funded it will not be possible to participate) the Brick in the Sky (we) has already contributed by funding part of this project.


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