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I think integration of green zones within the cities is a fundamental problem for the future. That’s why I select this week a project that brings a small garden to your everyday life.Enjoy the SekuraGarden.

Oz graffiti artist

A couple of weeks back I was in Hamburg.

It is a lovely place with many interesting places to discover, but the most interesting thing are the smiley faces present everywhere.


I didn’t knew it before, but they were made by “>Oz, the most prolific graffiti artist of all time.

Unfortunately he is dead now, but I wanted to share these little pieces of art with you, and specially the idea that urban areas are for the people to enjoy them and to serve them. That is why urban art should be considered something good, it represents the feeling of the city and sometimes, like Oz smiley faces, it cheers up the people.

To help more become aware of them, now its smiley faces are also on the AtlasObscura website for travelers.