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Flying patterns time-lapse

You can give thanks to Dennis Hlynsky for these beautiful images.

The next video is just genius. Basically, he wants to find out if the fruit flies crawl random or if they actually walk over all the surface of the fruit. This is the result.

He tries similar experiments with ants… but the result is not that impresive. Basically the area is very small and there is nothing interesting in there to see ants start forming patterns (like when going for food).


Physics Girl!

As a physicist, it is a pleasure for me to introduce today this youtube chanel: Physics Girl.

physics girlThis is the video that first dragged my attention. Look at it because it is extremely easy to reproduce and is amazing!!!

But it was not only that video… the one that really got me is the next one with Walter Lewin (I attended two of his online courses and really feels like I was at his lectures).

and for the last video… a very nice experiment and easy to do. Show this to kids and they will love it.


Thanks to the blog From Quarks to Quasars, I found a very nice youtube channel called Veritasium.


It has many good scientific videos like these ones.

The next 2 are the best videos I have seen about transistors.






Did you like it?

Ok ok, here is a “cool” one more.