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The character of the physical law

Feynman is one of the best known physicists, inside and outside the field. His lectures, which where compiled into 3 volume book, are still nowadays the fundamental reading among physics students. So, it is good to know that now, both book and lectures are available online. The book can be accesses here, and the videos are in youtube:

Toyota, Pepsi, Nike and Tonny Hawk, all love Back to the Future

Tomorrow will be the day when Doc and Marty travels to the future…


… and in order to celebrate, Toyota has released very funny commercials reuniting them together once again.

However, it is not the only taking advantage of this. Pepsi is also releasing a special bottle.

Nike made the Nike Mag after people claiming for them.

And of course, there has been many attempts of Hover boards.

If you know of some other things made after the film, share!

By the way. Will the Cubs win as predicted? They are pretty close…

Tangible media group

The Tangible media group at MIT has implemented a surface capable of doing some extraordinary tricks.

That design backs to 2014… so this is a preview of what this technology is able to do now.

Amazing… it reminds me of chambers in Portal.


What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a real-world game of hide and seek treasures with GPS. The treasures are usually just notes where you sign to indicate that you found them… or treasures where the rule is “take what you want, leave something of similar value”.

How to play it? Simply create an account in Geocaching webpage and install the app.

As the video shows, playing is really easy, just look for a geocache online or on the phone… and go for it. You will be surprise how many are there out there.

geocachingFor instance, I found one where I work (the National Physical Laboratory in United Kingdom).


For doctor Who fans… the NPL is the time keeper agency in UK… and the geocache was left by an user called TimeLord.

Did you like it? Then go hunt for geocaches!








One extra update. Here at NPL people like these kinds of things, in fact, so much that we made a small robot to celebrate the SI units. He is called Louis the SI robot and it is a geocache.

8a4244f3-24ce-4e2b-9425-ccfefa98006cIn fact, this geocache has travelled from one continent to another and keeps going. Find out where it is now.

louis the si robot


This comes from  an installation made at La Maison Des Jonglages in La Courneuve (Paris) by artist Antoine Terrieux. They are all perfect examples of Bernoulli’s theorem (have you ever done the ping pong ball experiment at home?).

Hooplakidz lab: Science videos and easy experiments for kids.

I love these videos because you can easily reproduce most of them at home with your kids.

hooplakidzlabThanks to hooplakidz LAB for making them.

These are the ones I liked more.

How to draw with light,


Pencils through a plastic bag.


Homemade barometer.


Jumping sticks chain reaction.