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How Far Can We Go?

Kurzgesagt has done it again with a very interesting video about the expansion of the universe and the visible horizon running away from us faster than the speed of light.




Sorry for those who doesn’t understand french. The next 22 animations are super cool and help to understand a lot of principles and techniques.

epow (Experiment project of the Week)

Even more important than petrol is water. Without water life cannot exist and we are running out of clean pure water at an increasing speed. For this reason, we considered that the enxt experiment should be highlight.


Science for Kids by the Royal Institution

The Royal Institution of Great Britain has introduced a series of experiments for kids.

royal institution

Here are the ones I like the most.

The next one can be turned into a nice experiment. Try for instance collecting water from different sources and test which one is more acid. Then try watering plants with them and see which plant grows more.

This is a nice variation of the water rockets experiments… with low level risk.

Nice an easy electricity experiments.

The final “lava lamp” is awesome.

The last one….