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I think integration of green zones within the cities is a fundamental problem for the future. That’s why I select this week a project that brings a small garden to your everyday life.Enjoy the SekuraGarden.


epow (Experiment project of the Week)

The experiment this week aims to replace pesticide with natural vegetation. Just for trying to be greener, it is the pick of the week.Natural pest control in strawberries: can natural vegetation reduce pesticide reliance?



epow (Experiment project of the Week)

The experiment I want to highlight this week is related to salt concentration in plants and how it is related to electrical signals in the plant: Discovering a salt-induced systemic electrical signal in plants.

This project is relevant to improve plant tracking with several applications like study how a highway affects local plants, how a forest changes its soil over the years, or for instance, how different chemicals enhance the growth or maybe detecting a bug infestation.


KickStarter Project of the Week (KPW)

The next project is still a little bit “green”, but it has the “seed” necessary to become a great idea. Its a device that you can put on your window and it will let you know what are the best vegetables for your climate. HUI.

Honestly. One day measurements to check in what climate your are living… is… simply impossible. Unless they are correlating with GPS, in which case it is kind of useless to use the device, just check on wikipedia. This project should be made for longer periods, where you start with some known plant and then by monitoring that plant over time (a year maybe) the system lets you know what better fits your window according to where you live, to your care and to how well the standard plant develops.