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Maker Faire UK

The Maker Faire UK will be held on April in Newcastle.

maker faire

To publicize the event, they are giving away one of these

maker faire prices

All you have to do is go to their webpage, share the event in Facebook and join the mailing list. Good luck!


The project this week is called Wio, it is a prototyping board for the internet of things. Easy to use and fast to program. No time wasted in protocols or intermediate steps, just build your application.

epow (Experiment project of the Week)

The experiment I want to highlight this week is related to salt concentration in plants and how it is related to electrical signals in the plant: Discovering a salt-induced systemic electrical signal in plants.

This project is relevant to improve plant tracking with several applications like study how a highway affects local plants, how a forest changes its soil over the years, or for instance, how different chemicals enhance the growth or maybe detecting a bug infestation.


KickStarter Project of the Week (KPW)

The next product is marketed only for apple mobile users, however, it’s slim design that is both practical and elegant will soon diffuse and become available to other mobile phones.

This is the STAQ a mobile phone stand with battery and speakers.

epow (Experiment project of the Week)

This week the project I want to highlight is about biohacking. The idea is to create open source processes to fabricate insulin and hence reduce the cost of the drugs.

Once developed, the processes to fabricate insulin will be free available to everybody, so it will be very easy to anybody to produce insulin on demand.

Because this project aims to help improve life and will have a huge impact in millions of people, it deserves to be funded.


KickStarter Project of the Week (KPW)

The interesting bit of this week’s project is not the product itself, but the idea of fighting insects with a flow of air instead of using chemicals. I wonder how efficient it is, however, if it works, it can be a better alternative for indoors applications, where you have to plug pulverisers to kill mosquitoes.

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