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A couple of weeks ago the new Fallout 4 trailer was released.

Since that, everybody has become nuts about the gameplay. Look at this example.

It is going to be awesome.

But a part from the game itself, there is a new minigame coming to smart phones (now for iphone and coming to Android soon). It is called Fallout Shelter (itunes link) and puts you in charge of a Vault as the overseer.

and the new Fallout “Pip-Boy edition” which includes a Pip-Boy (unfortunately, out of stock now).

xgame-fo4-pipboyed-spread.jpg.pagespeed.ic.JRB3WtmB2VEverything is quite cool, and we want it now. Unfortunately, I don’t use any apple product, the Pip-Boy is out of stock and the game is not released yet. So, what to do until the final release? What about making some Nuka-cola caps?

It is really easy. I made some myself! Look.


Hope you join me and make some yourselves.