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Superman Earth One Vol 3


Original title: Superman earth One. Vol 3.

Title of this edition: Superman earth One. Vol 3.

Author: J. Michael Straczynski, Ardian Syaf, Sandra Hope, Barbara Ciardo.

Gender: Fantasy / Science Ficction.

Saga: Superman.

Editorial: Earth One (DC Comics).

Edition year: 1, 2015.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: Vol III Zod arrives on earth while Lex and Alexandra Luthor plan to provide the earth with a weapon able to remove Superman’s powers. Disguised as a friend of Superman, Zod arranges a deal with planet earth to kill him. The fight between Clark and Zod is short but intense, Clark is about to die and has no support from any human being… but her nest door best friend Lisa. Meanwhile, Luthor, who initially tried to stop Superman, shoots his weapon towards Zod helping Superman to stop him at the cost of Luthor’s life. The book finishes with Alexandra Luthor killing Zod and claiming revenge on Superman.

Somewhere in the middle of the story it is revealed that Zod initiated a civil war in Krypton and when he was defeated and exiled… he gave the clue to Krypton’s enemies on how to destroy the planet. Zod killed everybody on Krypton.

Personal Review: As I mentioned in the review of the previous volumes in this edition, Earth One is a relaunch in an alternative universe. So, many things will be different while others remain the same. With this new volume, general Zod appears and in some way, what was said in the previous books is undone (as it turns out that Krypton’s destruction is made by Zod). On the other hand, Luthor turns to be a good guy (turns on Superman just because he is scared, but realizes that Superman is the good guy). One major change is that, as it seems from the ending of the book, one of the main villains is going to be not Lex but his wife Alexandra (seeking revenge).

There also something else that is introduced in this book… Kryptonite, and it seems Alexandra is going to use it in the future.

Now for my review, which will start with the Kryptonite and the ray invented by Luthor. As I pointed in the other review, it was a major flaw in the previous books that science was not properly addressed. In order to prevent that, there is not much science in this book, or at least they don’t try explaining it. They only point that Superman’s power source comes from a strange interaction with some particular frequencies of light. One frequency powers him, other turns him down (this is simplified version, as it might be something more complex or otherwise a simple light source will be enough to defeat Superman).

Is this book better than the second? It is. Is it better than the first one? No, and the first one was not extremely good either. In my opinion, the story is taking to long to build up, and meanwhile the things narrated are not epic nor interesting. For instance, Superman fight with Zod is diluted, without soul. It was supposed to be something able to destroy the earth… but instead they barely destroy a few cars.

On the other hand, relation with Lisa (girl next door), is revealing a complex Clark, a Superman afraid of the world as much as the world is afraid of him. Will they accept him? Will he be able to have a normal life if everybody knows him?

In short. The book is still not a masterpiece and lacks a good plot (on the visuals is amazing). The only things that saves it is that Superman speaks to the united nations as a wise man will do, not as we saw in some movies, making him a closer Superman, one that deserves a place on earth.




By the way, my guess for the next volumes is that Superman hides Lex weapon on the moon and somebody will use it (either against Superman or helping him).

Superman: Miracle Monday.

Original title: Superman: Miracle Monday.

Title of this edition: Superman: Miracle Monday.

Author: Elliot S. Maggin.

Gender: Fantasy / Science Fiction.

Saga: Superman.

Editorial: Warner Books.

Edition year: 1, 1981.

Prizes: …

Synopsis [Warning: Spoiler]: The main story is about a demon coming from a parallel universe, which suppose to be working for Satan. Lex Luthor is the one who opened the gate unaware of it. The demon, called C.W. Saturn, exposes Clark Kent as Superman and causes chaos on Earth. It’s only purpose is to corrupt Superman and make him do something horrible. Fortunately, Superman’s wisdom and humanity can’t be corrupted, and Saturn losses all its powers leaving Earth in peace. That is known as miracle Monday. The side story is about an historian coming from the future to study what happened in the first Miracle Monday.

Personal Review:  What can I say? It’s Superman and I like Superman:

Superman and a GoPro

Superman Earth ONE

Well… to be honest… I like the human part of Superman of the book, but I dislike the Saturn part of the book. I mean, science fiction and Superman is cool, but Superman and magic… ughhh. Even the time travellers are ok, but the demon…

So, going back to the human part of Superman, is quite interesting to discover how Superman spends more time as Clark Kent than flying around earth. Some people say that Clark is how Superman sees us, helpless, scared, and clumsy, but for me it’s only that Superman is so perfect that the only way of being Clark is being too much Clark.

Another thing I like from the book is that it unveils a more complex relationship between Superman and Luthor, and more important, represents a Luthor that is not a foolish super evil, but somebody who plays with his own rules, a genius. At some point the story tells how Luthor keeps several secret identities and how he hides his evil machines as sculptures that are shown in the bets museums on earth without anybody knowing that are they for. In this way he can keep them safe every time he goes into prison.

My general review is, if you like Superman, read it, it gives a deeper understanding of his personality. Specially, it was interesting thinking about Superman only sleeping half an hour per day, sometimes while flying.

Next stop? The previous book, Superman: Last Son of Krypton. (which by the way, I don’t have yet).