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epow (Experiment project of the Week)

To be honest, I’m a little bit sceptic about this one, but if it happens to be the way… will you miss the opportunity to fund the search of the theory of everything? For those not related with science, in physics there is two big theories, quantum mechanics and general relativity, one for the very small things and the other for the really big or really fast things. The reason why there is two is because when we try to mix them they don’t like each other and there is no way to agree in the predictions. The theory of everything is the name given to the theory that will explain both theories and make them compatible, it will be a single theory for everything, from too small to very big things. For years physicists have been looking for this theory, and they come up with string theory. However, there is many ways to create a string theory, and all of them are mathematically consistent, the problem is that only one describes our universe (that is called the M-theory, the one that unifies all string theories into only one that describes our universe).  For many years we though string theory was the candidate to become the theory of everything, but we progress slower and slower and it seems that it is still very far away to find the correct string theory.

What these two researchers propose here is an alternative to the theory of everything not based on string theory. The details are not clear to me, but if research in string theory seems to be slow and there is a chance of finding a different solution, then why not? And they only ask for money to cover the salary of one of them! For those of you thinking that there is more immediate problems, think that the web born at CERN while people where building particle accelerators to discover new particles and test physics.



Spaceships (real spaceships) compared by size.

Today I just saw a nice post on Wired.

wired_logoIt was about spacecrafts, comparing sizes of different satellites and missions.

The Coolest Spaceships Ever Built, Compared by Size

(follow link to see the list)


It was actually a compilation of the graphic content that can be found on Historic spacecrafts where you can find the complete set of posters with all the ships, missions and much much much much more.


Deep Sky

This is the last post of the series from video journalist Brady Haran. Remenber the others: Sixty Symbols, Numberphile, Periodic Table of videos. This time… astronomy!


This project is about stelar objects. A brief description and the most beautiful images you have ever see.


M16 Eagle Nebula


M31 Andromeda


M20 Trifid Nebula