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The Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Located at the University of California, Riverside, there is the biggest Science Fiction and Fantasy book collection ever. Welcome to the The Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy.


The Hystory:

  • By 1955 Dr. J. Lloyd Eaton was the owner of one of the biggest private collections of science fiction and fantasy literature.
  • In 1969 UCR’s University buys the collection, about 7,500 hardback editions of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
  •  The collection reached 8,500 volumnes by 1975.
  • From a 1517 edition of Thomas More Utopia to recent comic books, the collection has now more the 100,000 volumes and is considered the biggest public collection in the world.

The award:

The collection has become so important, that there is an award called the J. Lloyd Eaton Memorial Award. From 1979 to 2001 it was deserved by the “best critical book of each year”. From 2008 it is given after a lifetime dedicated to sci-fi, recognizing “contributions of lasting significance to the field”. Guess the winners in 2011? Ray Bradbury, Frederik Pohl, Samuel R. Delany, and Harlan Ellison. For 2012 it was Ursula K. Le Guin.

The 10 most rarest which most cool is…

2. Spockanalia. The first media fanzine (fanzine based on a mainstream media).


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Sheldon Cooper T-shirts

T-shirts worn by Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) on The Big Bang Theory, by episode, Seasons 1-6. By Riptapparel.


The Baywheux Tapestry – Doctor Who Tapestry

You want buy this 6 square feet tapestry of Doctor Who? It is available here.


tapestry_final_cartel2 tapestry_final_cartel4

Neko Time!!! =^_^= Dresden Asisi Panometer

Welcome to another Neko Adventure!

Last week I have been on Dresden, Germany. I went for a scientific conference and I explore a little bit the city… and guess what I found?


Panorama! Actually, this time I didn’t make the Panorama, it was already there. I visited the Asisi Panometer in Dresden.


The Panometer is an exposition where a massive painting arrange in 360º around a tower allows you to see the painting as inside of it. In other words, it’s Google street view handmade.

It seems that Asisi has been doing this exposition for a while, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Everest, Rome… All the time bringing a place to life, either an actual view or an ancient one.


The one in Dresden offers a magnificent view of the city as it was in 1756, with all the people going around in horses, with traders in the streets, boats, farms… all the small details of the painting offer a story to the visitor.


If you have the chance to visit it, don’t hesitate, GO! Or maybe one of the others. I want to visit the one about Rome, it promise to be amazing.

If you want to take a look and see how it looks, I took a panorama for you (click on the image to go).


(Of course, I added this place to the Atlas Obscura ).

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Fangirl Quest

Today I bring you a ver nice project: Fangirl Quest.


Basically, this is a blog about finding the locations that appear in some TV series and movies and take a shoot there with the photogram that was taken there.


Doctor Who!





Harry Potter!



Spaceships which one is the fastest?

Two of the most visited posts in this blog are about spaceships sizes. Did you remember… Sci-Fi Ships Size. Which is the bigger? And EVE Online Ship Sizes ?

Today I bring you a javascript animation to show which spaceship is fastest. Enjoy! (Click on image to follow link).